Is Digital Marketing the Answer?

Yes, digital marketing is the answer to promoting, developing and growth of your business.

Here is why we say yes at Bizin Africa.

The world today is interconnected in terms of technology and communication. People are holding conference calls, classes as well as doing businesses modern world today ecommerce is the crème dela crème of business. Most profitable businesses of the 20th century are online shops such as Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia. This shows how much interconnection there is in the world today and how far the world has developed in terms of can easily run their lives at the comfort of their coaches at home. Services ranging from shopping, schooling and entertainment being readily available in gadgets.

Global internet connectivity almost surpassing the 60% mark in 2022, gives digital marketers the upper hand. This is the main reason why we say yes to it.

Digital marketing is the act of marketing your products or business entails having a website, a YouTube channels, social media pages, and Google analytics among many others. These are some of the platforms that can be used in this venture.

They offer a platform that allows the seller and the consumer interact


Some of the major advantages of digital marketing are:

  • It’s cost effective. It’s quite manageable and since the platforms are numerous. A seller has the capability of choosing the one that suits his/her pocket.
  • Instant results. The social platforms allows one on one interaction with your audience. For instance a post on Facebook will attract comments which in return the seller /provider can choose to answer immediately. The social media platforms allow for what of late is known as DMs or direct messages. This leads to further communications between a single consumer and the provider privately.
  • Global outreach. This is quite self-explanatory. Most of us have links with people from other continents outside ours. This connections have led to brand growths, products diversifications and a wide market outreach. A video in YouTube today can go viral and reach the platinum status within hours. This ability of social outreach within minutes or instantly has led to growth of businesses and wide customer reach. Brands like Nike sell out within seconds of launch. This shows the power of online markets.
  • Target market. When it comes to specificity of goods and services there is no better customer delivery than online can connect with the target market via the sites instantly and easily with response guaranteed. Tiktok, a new teen related app is a good example for this. A brand targeting the youth and the young can widely market their services and goods here.
  • This is widely related to the ability of there being multiple choices for a consumer as well as for the service provider. Online markets offers diverse customers as well as producers. This leads to extensive number of products to choose from. This is an added advantage to the receiver of the product. In terms of reaching out new clients from different regions and cultures, this is also achieved. A product from Russia or Asia can be adapted and do well in Africa or South America. Continents apart. For example 1 X bet, a betting company from Russia which has invested in Africa and is doing well.


Which sites would I encourage one to go for when doing digital marketing?

  • Video marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing
  • Social marketing
  • SEO and PPC

 This are the top notch digital engines for marketing. The market outreach is boosted to up to 4000% with this. There is no reason as to why a venture wouldn’t make use of this .

Digital marketing is the key to success in any area of business in the world right now. Embrace the culture, interact6 with the new trends and embrace to evoilvce.