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Afriadz influencer marketing is an agency that helps businesses to market their products and services through our highly interactive and well known social media influencers in Africa.

Businesses schedule a meeting with us at Afriadz Influencer Marketing, and after carefully reviewing their products and services, we match them with the influencers that can best help them after promoting their goods and services on their social media channels.

Anyone who has a social media account and followers is eligible to join us. However, it’s crucial to remember that we only accept influencers who can adhere to our minimal influencer standards. Click here to check out the eligibility conditions.

Every influencer has a chance to make money only on Afriadz Influencer Marketing. Per assignment completed, our influencers are compensated. To qualify for payment, however, we could set a minimum number of impressions that must be made.

At Afriadz Influencer marketing, the following factors determine how much an influencer will be paid:

  1. The Afriadz class to which the influencer has been allocated.
  2. The quantity and quality of impressions that assignments that are implemented make.
  3. The profitability of influencer’s work towards companies that sell using our influencers

We mainly have 3 major classes at Afriadz Influencer Marketing,

  1. Super VIPs Influencers – Super VIPs have a huge following on Social Media. Some are comedians, bloggers, media personalities and content creators. Super VIP influencers work on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.
  1. VIPS Influencers – They have a sizable fan base and a well-established ground base. Our VIPs at the moment work on Twitter.

Nano Influencers – Content creators with less than 10000 followers on social media. Our Nano Influencers at the moment work on Twitter.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click on “Promote my business”

Step 3: Proceed to book an appointment.

Once a meeting between the client and us has been completed, we will assess your products and proceed to onboard your business.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click on “Start Influencing”

Step 3: Once a meeting between the influencer and us has been completed, we will assess your eligibility to join our highly qualified team of influencers.

Yes, it is absolutely free to join us either as an influencer or as a business.