Eligibility Criteria

For an influencer to qualify to join our influencer marketing team, they must:

An influencer must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to join our influencer marketing team:

  1. Have a following of Not less than 5000 followers on the social media platform they will be promoting on.
  2. Participate actively on social media, with a primary focus on creating content and increasing their fan base day by day.
  3. Have effective verbal and writing communication abilities.
  4. Be a good content creator.
  5. Denounce working with any other influencer marketing company that is already working with any of our existing clients.
  6. Be fast in implementing tasks immediately they are assigned.
  7. Be an active member of the team by responding to any queries raised by their supervisors.
  8. Be highly disciplined.
  9. Attend any meetings as soon as the supervisors let you know about them.
  10. Be able to login and connect to the business email account.
  11. Agree to the terms of the Influencer Marketers Agreement, which ties them to the business. The agreement outlines all of the operational requirements that the influencers and the organization as a whole must meet.