Banned Products

List of Banned Products

  1. Pornographic and offensive materials in any form, including print, audio, video, MMS, pictures, and photographs.
  2. Any good or service that cannot be shown, promoted, made available, or offered for sale via e-commerce platforms or technologies because of limitations or requirements for sale, unless all of those requirements are satisfied in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. Any product, item, or service that is currently illegal under any applicable legislation.
  4. Any object or substance that could be used to carry out any illegal or unlawful conduct
  5. Products that violate any intellectual property rights and counterfeit goods
  6. Money and other negotiable instruments
  7. Threatened plant and animal species, whether they are living or dead
  8. Firearms, their components, and ammunition, as well as weapons, knives, sharp-edged implements, and other lethal weapons, as well as parts of and machinery for producing arms, but excluding items made solely for domestic or agricultural use, such as a lathi or a regular walking stick, and weapons incapable of being used for anything other than play or of being transformed into functional weapons;
  9. Dangerous items like acid, fireworks, explosives, flammable adhesives, poison, hazardous chemicals, oil-based paint and thinners (flammable liquids), industrial solvents, insecticides and pesticides, machinery (containing fuel), fuel for camp stoves, lanterns, and heating elements, infectious substances, etc.
  10. Psychoactive drugs and substances
  11. Prescription drugs and medications
  12. Materials that are offensive due to race, ethnicity, or religion

Radioactive Substances

  1. Stocks and Securities
  2. Robbed Property
  3. Copying of Intellectual Property without Permission
  4. Animal veterinary medications
  5. Any other items that are legally sanctioned or forbidden.
  6. Anything else Afriadz deems unfit for listing.