Afriadz Influencer Marketing, one of Africa’s leading marketing agencies, has rebranded to AfriAdz Affiliates with the goal of connecting igaming, ecommerce, and fintech affiliates with brands across the continent. Managing Director Jeremiah Maangi announced the move, stating that it was in response to requests from their clients for more performance-based solutions.

The rebranding is a strategic shift for AfriAdz, as it aims to become the number one affiliate marketing platform in Africa. As part of its expansion plans, the company will recruit 300 affiliates from the igaming or betting, ecommerce, and fintech sectors within the next six months. These recruits will be added to the company’s database, which will be available to operators and other brands within these industries. In addition to connecting affiliates with brands, AfriAdz Affiliates will also offer other affiliate management services.

Jeremiah Maangi, the founder and managing director of Afriad Digital Limited, said, “We are implementing a strategic approach of providing performance-based services in our customer acquisition process by utilizing our expanding pool of affiliates. Additionally, this presents a valuable chance for influencers to gain knowledge about the long-term benefits of referring clients to brands instead of receiving fixed compensation, allowing them to earn on commission-based or revenue-sharing models over an extended period.”

The move by AfriAdz highlights the growth potential of affiliate marketing in Africa. Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular as marketers seek effective and cost-efficient ways to drive sales and conversions. By tapping into the booming igaming, ecommerce, and fintech sectors, AfriAdz is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.

The rebranding also reflects a broader trend towards performance-based marketing. As brands seek better returns on their marketing investment, they are increasingly turning to performance-based models such as affiliate marketing. By offering these types of services, Afriadz is tapping into a demand for marketing solutions that can deliver measurable results.

The rebranding of Afriadz Influencer Marketing to AfriAdz Affiliates is a significant move for the company as it seeks to enhance its services and reputation as the number one affiliate marketing platform in Africa. With a focus on igaming, ecommerce, and fintech sectors, AfriAdz is taking a strategic approach to tapping into the enormous growth potential of affiliate marketing in these industries. By offering performance-based marketing solutions, AfriAdz is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of businesses seeking measurable and cost-effective marketing solutions.